glitter paint maker

adds metallic sparkles to your paint or varnish - 4 colours

polyvine glitter paint maker
polyvine glitter paint maker
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sparkling glitter for decorative finishes

A shimmering metallic glitter specially developed to add to any water based paint or varnish giving sparkles of light to your finish.
Simply mix with your choice of coloured paint or varnish to create a sparkling decorative effect.

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  • gold glittergold glitter
  • pink glitterpink glitter
  • rainbow glitterrainbow glitter
  • silver glittersilver glitter

Any colours shown are representations and should be used as guidance only.
Colours when applied will vary according to the material they are used on.

at a glance product info

unique qualities: • shimmers when dry • superior quality • fine metallic particles

ideal for: adding to chalk paint • metallic paint • emulsion paint • furniture paint • ornaments • walls • painted surfaces • paper • fabrics • most porous surfaces

available in: 75g - add to 2.5L of paint or varnish

drying time: as per base mix instructions • recoat time: as per base mix instructions • curing time: as per base mix instructions • coverage: the same as the base mix - use 30g of glitter per litre

application and advice


Ensure product is well mixed and that all surfaces are clean and free from grease, oil, dirt and contaminants. Read the instructions and warnings carefully on the product you are mixing the glitter into before starting.


Add the glitter gradually to your chosen paint or varnish while stirring slowly and thoroughly. We recommend 75g of glitter per 2.5L of paint or varnish, though you can choose to add more or less depending on the coverage you require. Use a smooth/gloss roller for best results and even distribution of glitter. The glitter will achieve its full effect when the paint or varnish is dry. We recommend trying on a test area first.


We recommend familiarising yourself with the effect on a small test area before starting work. The glitter may settle in the mix if left too long before application.


Protect from extremes of temperature during storage and application.

health, safety and the environment

Keep out of reach of children. Read the instructions and warnings carefully on the product you are mixing the glitter into before starting. Contact with eyes – wash immediately with warm water. Do not empty excess mixed product into drains or watercourses.

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