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Polyvine has a strong reputation among trade professionals for innovative and high-performing products - products which are designed for maximum performance and ease of use. In fact you will find that our products are easy to apply and provide the type of features that trade professionals demand and are popular with discerning DIY users.

Polyvine products are available from good paint stores throughout the UK. You can use our handy stockist locator to find a Polyvine store near you.

If you can't find the product you need locally, you can order it direct from the factory. Click here to go to our online shop.

Ian Wells, Director

Polyvine History

Polyvine Ltd was established in 1986, and has been one of the leading innovators in specialist water based decorative paint systems during the last 30 years.

We manufacture all of our products in the UK at our own manufacturing facilities.

Varnishes, Decorative Paints, Exterior Wood Coatings, Adhesives, Stencils, Specialist brushes and Industrial coatings are produced at our factory located in Cheddar, Somerset.

These facilities ensure the use of the latest technology and the highest levels of quality control.


  • 1983 The first exterior water based wood stain.
  • 1986 Sprayable water based lacquer
  • 1988 Water based wax coatings.
  • 1989 Acrylic dead flat Varnish
  • 1992 The first professional acrylic glaze for decorative paintwork.
  • 1993 Water based crackle systems
  • 1994 Acrylic systems for aging and distressing paint and varnish.
  • 1999 The introduction of a new generation of water based polyurethane.
  • 2001 Furniture renovation using acrylics.
  • 2002 Stencils cutting with Lasers
  • 2006 Hickson Décor exterior wood coatings
  • 2007 Acrylic Enamels
  • 2007 Fast setting adhesives
  • 2010 Dead Flat water based Polyurethanes
  • 2011 Dead Flat water based Wax Varnish
  • 2012 Water based antibacterial coatings
  • 2014 Waterproof Polyvinyl Acetate Wood Glue
  • 2015 Moved to large offices and factory in Cheddar

POLYVINE sell our products worldwide and export to 18 Countries including:

  • Canada 1993
  • Caribbean 2011
  • United States 1995
  • Cyprus 1998
  • France 1994
  • Belgium 1993
  • Holland 1993
  • Lebanon 2001
  • China 2011
  • Thailand 2012
  • Saudi Arabia 1998
  • South Africa 1995
  • Australia 1991


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  • Technical laboratory
  • FedEx next day delivery
  • Web Site
  • Comprehensive Literature,
  • Merchandising , Display Stands.